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2011-01-09 Koetong to Shelley and Tallangatta Creek


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Misc Cudgewa Line Pics


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2010-04-18 Waterfall Trestle


Situated on the climb up the Keelangie range on the Cudgewa line, the Waterfall Trestle has one of the best views from any bridge in Australia - over rolling farmland and hills to the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Bogong. The bridge is so named because Darbyshire Creek tumbles over a small waterfall in the valley down below.

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2008-11-09 Tallangatta Creek trestle


The willow trees have been cleared from the area around the Tallangatta Valley Tennis Club, revealing the Tallangatta Creek trestle in all its, er, glory...

One proposal for the line was to swing South here and head up the Tallangatta Creek Valley for a few miles before swinging East through a mega tunnel to Berringama or thereabouts. Luckily this never came about, so Koetong and Shelley got to have railway stations after all.

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2007-08-18 Shelley


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2007-08-18 Bullioh


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2007-08-18 Bridges and more


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2007-08-18 Tallangatta Butter Factory


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2007-07-12 Tallangatta Station


I had some work to do in Tallangatta the other day, so I snapped a few pics in the station area when I was done. The diagram I have of Tallangatta Yard has no loco facilities, pit or turntable shown, but there is a turntable pit and what looks like either water tank or coal stage foundations.

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2007-07-01 Wodonga BG Triangle


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2007-01-07 Ebden - Huon


We rode our bikes from Ebden to Huon on the rail trail, then taking advantage of the (very) low water levels in Lake Hume, we rode back along the original formation from Huon Lane to Ludlow's Reserve. The going was tough as the ballast was quite loose, many sleepers were still in place, and only a couple of the trestles were still trafficable. In other places, piles of sand covered the formation as well. Nonetheless, a very interesting ride.

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2004-04-03 Huon


Huon Station 3 April 2004
Having a free Saturday morning, I loaded the kids in the car and drove a few kilometres down the road to Huon station on the old Cudgewa branch, to have a look at the rolling stock sitting there. A Z Van (58Z) and the frames of another one (594Z) were there, a 4-wheeled van and 4 GYs at the Down end of the old yard.
At the other end, three Walker railcar vehicles sat under the trees, no doubt waiting for the home stick to clear so they can enter the station yard... They are 64MT, 24RM and 58MT. 24RM is lacking a certain something in the engine department, and all are well weathered and a bit vandalised. Fairly new signs have been placed on them by the rail trail organisers, saying "Unstable carriage - Keep Off!"
After looking around there, we drove down to the old Huon station which has just emerged from the depths of the Hume Weir once more. We drove down the old formation a way towards Ebden before having a bit of a problem with the mud (why didn't I take the 4x4?).
We then drove back towards Tallangatta and inspected the remains of the Sandy Creek bridges - they aren't doing too bad seeing they've been abandoned and underwater for a good part of the last 70 years!

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