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2006-06-19 Y151 Wodonga


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2006-06-06 Albury

A few pics of XP2005 after crossing accident at Thurgoona 5/6/2006 and EL58 en route north after the Benalla accident

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2004-05-13 Wodonga and Bandiana


A fine autumn morning in Wodonga seemed like a good time to snap a few pics of Y169 and the Bandiana goods. I started at Wodonga as Y169 went to shunt the Milos sidings. Shortly afterwards, G535 came through with the containers from Melbourne.

Y169 then picked up the containers from Coal Sidings and headed out to Bandiana.

During the week, SRV's T356 and FA H3 were on the BG Goods.

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2004-01-00 Wodonga


Wodonga Station Jan 2004
A couple of pics taken at Wodonga station over a few days in January 2004.

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2003-09-05 Wodonga Coal Sidings


Wodonga Coal Sidings 5 September 2003
I popped into Wodonga Coal Sidings signal box one afternoon. The signalman was just switching in and he allowed me to come in and have a look. The Up XPT and the Down V/Line Passenger workings were due, and a little later Y169 came in and shuffled around. An interesting afternoon.

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2003-08-06 Albury Station Box Last Day


Albury Signal Boxes - Last Day 6 August 2003
Much work was done on Albury Yard towards the end of July and start of August, with the track and signalling being prepared for cutover to remote control from Junee. This meant that Albury Station Box and Albury South Box would close. The project supervisor was kind enough to allow me onto the work site to spend some time in the boxes on their last day of operation.
The AK Test cars were also in Albury on the day, with CLP 8 and 42207 hauling them south to Melbourne mid morning.

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2003-07-30 Wodonga Station Area


Wodonga Station Area 30 July 2003
The good FA folk at Wodonga Station were good enough to allow me to visit Wodonga A Box and take a few pictures. I timed my visit to catch the VLP and XPT trains arriving, as there was little else expected during the day...
I snapped off many a photo of the signal box interior, exterior, station and goods yard. Who knows how much of this will survive once the rail bypass goes in in a few years?

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2003-06-25 Albury Platform Works


Albury Station Works 25 June 2003
Part of the works building a new bus-train interchange at Albury involved rebuilding parts of the broad gauge platform facing that had deteriorated, and the resurfacing of the entire broad gauge - standard gauge end of the platform.
V/Line Passenger trains were terminating at Wodonga during the works period. The couple of pictures here show some of the work in progress. X107 used to sit in the dock at Albury, doing pretty much nothing. It was moved a week or two after the platform pictures were taken. Y169 hauled it out to Bandiana with the container train, and since it has been there it has been busy doing, well, nothing...

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2003-05-00 Wodonga and Bandiana


Wodonga Coal Sidings May 2003
One fine day in May I was heading out towards our place at Ebden when I spied G529 heading out of town towards Bandiana. I hastily snapped a shot as the G tiptoed across Pearce Street.
A few days later I was driving down Osburn Street when I was lucky enough to be stopped by the level crossing booms. Y169 was patiently waiting at the signal to come in off the Bandiana line, and the XPT wasn't far away either. The XPT duly arrived, and a while later Y169 was allowed into the Coal Sidings. The booms were down for around 15 minutes - I think I was the only one who enjoyed the show...!

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2003-04-03 Albury VLine


A trip to Albury 3 April 2003
Our youngest son's playgroup had organised a train trip from Wodonga to Albury, riding the V/Line passenger service. The kids were all very excited as we waited at Wodonga station. Right on time, N456 appeared with our train. The pleasant sunny weather gave us lovely views across the Murray River flats as we headed for NSW. Plenty of action happening at the Wodonga Coal Sidings as well.
At Albury, we all adjourned to the Commercial Hotel and dined on a sumptuous feast of chicken nuggets, chips and lemonade... The layover of around one hour was perfect, and after filling up all the little empty stomachs we wandered back to the station to take the trip all the way back to Wodonga.
Thanks to V/Line Passenger for allowing us to make the trip - the kids loved it!

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2003-02-00 Wodonga


Wodonga Station February 2003
A couple of shots taken at Wodonga Station in February 2003. We found A78 resting on a BG goods one evening before NR81 led a looooong PacNat goods through. A few days later X32 was lurking in the BG yard and a G was in the Diesel Siding whilst the Down XPT came through.

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Misc: Wodonga 40km/h Curve


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